Power Widget

Power Widget IconPower Widget is a useful and nice widget to control the most important settings directly from your home screen.

The design of this widget is similar to the built-in Power Control widget in order to match the Android style.

You can have up to 7 buttons freely arranged on your widget. Choose also between different sizes for the widget.

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Following toggles are availabe:

  • WiFi On/Off
  • Bluetooth On/Off (only Android 2.x)
  • Ringer Mode (Normal, Silent, Vibration)
  • Airplane Mode On/Off
  • USB Mount/Unmount
  • Lock Pattern Enable/Disable (only Android 1.x)
  • Brightness Slider
  • Brightness Toggle
  • Auto Sync On/Off (only Android 2.x)
  • Orientation
  • GPS
  • 2G/3G Link
  • Timeout
  • Stay Awake
  • Always On
  • Wifi Lock

To use Power Widget go to your home screen and find an empty row. Long press on that empty row and select „Widget“. Then select „Power Widget“ to add the Power Widget to your home screen.