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Have you ever thought: „There is something missing on my superb smartphone?“  – No? –

After installing QuickDial you will think, yeah this was the missing part. Are you annoyed by scrolling a huge list of contacts just to make a simple phone call? Hey DUDE, it is still a cell phone, but choosing one of my favorite contacts is pretty laborious.

With QuickDial you are allowed to choose your favorite contacts to get really quick access to. Just one single tap and it dials for you, similar to old-fashioned cell phones where you had to longpress a number to call one of your friends, wifes ;-), husbands, children, dogs, cats, mobilbox or whatever.

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Install QuickDial, use it, and be happy to have finally a full functional phone.

Version 1.0 (the video shows the iOS version of QuickDial)

QuickDial - "A thing of beauty"

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